Jekyll ! Awesome platform for blogging

Jekyll Awesome platform for blogging

Wordpress and Blogger are the most popular platforms for blogging. I have been blogging using Blogger from the beginning. Recently I started using Jekyll. This website is made with Jekyll . In this post I’ll share my experience using jekyll.

Features of Jekyll I like

Jekyll is light and fast

Jekyll runs without databases ! No server side rendering ! Jekyll creates a static site and this loads really fast.

Markdown for posts

I love using markdown to write blog posts. I use Typora for editing markdown.

Local copy

I write my on my own pc and push it to the git repository. Syncing local copy with live website is not very easy for other platforms.

Free Github hosting

My blog is hosted on a Github repository. I set custom domain for my blog . Also this blog has free SSL certificate from Github which is provided by Lets’s encrypt.

Interested about Jekyll ? Here’s some links to follow.

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