My blog is now using Hexo

I was using Jekyll for my blog. but there were some problems with that static site generator. I reinstalled Windows and was having trouble to build my website on my own PC. So I got frustrated and wanted to make a switch to a better static site generator. Searching the internet I learnt about Hexo. One thing I noticed is that it supports category and archive pages which were missing in Jekyll and Hexo is uses JavaScript. So , I made my decision to migrate my blog to Hexo.

Migration process took a long time. Finding a good looking theme and customizing took a long time. I also worked on SEO and other features for this blog. Disquss comment is removed and I am using Valine now. It is faster than Disquss and it has a cleaner interface.

Build procees in Hexo is faster than Jekyll. I have only few articles on my blog and it took so long to build with jekyll. I was very disappointed with the build time. Hexo generated the site fast and I am satisfied.

Hexo is based on JavaScript. I feel like home with JavaScript. Jekyll uses Ruby and I am not very familiar with ruby. I really enjoyed building the template for my own blog using JavaScript based templating.

Hopefully I am happy with Hexo and will publish content to my blog on regular intervals.

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Md. Monirul Alom

Md. Monirul Alom

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