My blog is now using Hexo

I was using Jekyll for my blog. but there were some problems with that static site generator. I reinstalled Windows and was having trouble to build my website on my own PC. So I got frustrated and wanted to make a switch


Test sending emails in PHP with XAMPP and MailHog

Sending mail with PHP is easy. We can test it with a local SMTP server. MailHog is very useful for this purpose.


MailHog is program thats creates a local SMTP mail sever for testing purposes. Let’s see how to configure MailHog.


PHP 05: PHP comments

Comments are the part of the PHP code , that is not executed. It’s a note note to the person who is reading the code.


PHP 04: PHP Tags

PHP codes must be enclosed by PHP tags. When PHP parser pareses a file , it looks for opening and closing PHP tags. It tells the parser when to start interpreting and when to stop. Reason for parsing in this manner is allowing to embed in different types of documents like HTML.


PHP 03: Run first PHP program

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to run PHP program on local pc. For this purpose, You must have PHP environment installed on your pc.


Divide and conquer algorithm

Divide and conquer algorithm divides problems into smaller subproblems , solve the subproblems and combine the solutions to find the solution of the main problem. Let’s see an example .


Jekyll ! Awesome platform for blogging

Jekyll Awesome platform for blogging

Wordpress and Blogger are the most popular platforms for blogging. I have been blogging using Blogger from the beginning. Recently I started using Jekyll. This website is made with Jekyll . In this post I’ll share my experience using jekyll.


Mobile first responsive web design with css media queries

Mobile first responsive css with media queries

Responsive web pages also called adaptive web pages which fits nicely fits on various devices like mobile , tablets , desktops. And mobile first approach first writing styles for mobile devices and then for larger devices like tablets and desktop. In this post , we’ll know why we need importance of mobile first design approach and how to implement it.


PHP 02: Setting up LAMP sever on Ubuntu

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL . It is actually a set of open source software packages which allows us to run dynamic web pages using PHP. In this post , we’ll learn how to set up LAMP on local ubuntu machine.


PHP 01: Setting up PHP environment for windows

To run PHP code from our computer we need to get a PHP server. There are several ways to do this. Installing different packages are really painful. There is an all in one installer called XAMPP which allows you to run Apache, PHP, MySQL together.