WooCommerce Hints for Brackets extension released

Today I have released an extension for one of my favorite code editor Brackets. I frequently work with WordPress and WooCommerce. An extension was available for getting WordPress related function hints but I was feeling the need of having something like this for WooCommerce also. Unfortunately there was not any feature in Brackets is available or no extension was available for this purpose.

So, I decided to build an extension for me and fellow developers. Here is some information about the extension.

WooCommerce Hints for Brackets

This extension adds auto-completion capability for WooCommerce 2.2+ functions.

Features of this extension:

✅ 1100+ functions , actions and filter auto-suggest/auto-completion support.


You can install this extension with Extension manager. Search for it and click install. For detailed instruction visit the Wiki

How to contribute?

If you have any suggestion or you want to help, just fork this repository, make your changes and send a pull request. If you can’t code, simply open a new issue and I’ll do my best to help you!

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