Jekyll ! Awesome platform for blogging

Jekyll Awesome platform for blogging

Wordpress and Blogger are the most popular platforms for blogging. I have been blogging using Blogger from the beginning. Recently I started using Jekyll. This website is made with Jekyll . In this post I’ll share my experience using jekyll.


Mobile first responsive web design with css media queries

Mobile first responsive css with media queries

Responsive web pages also called adaptive web pages which fits nicely fits on various devices like mobile , tablets , desktops. And mobile first approach first writing styles for mobile devices and then for larger devices like tablets and desktop. In this post , we’ll know why we need importance of mobile first design approach and how to implement it.


PHP 02: Setting up LAMP sever on Ubuntu

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL . It is actually a set of open source software packages which allows us to run dynamic web pages using PHP. In this post , we’ll learn how to set up LAMP on local ubuntu machine.


PHP 01: Setting up PHP environment for windows

To run PHP code from our computer we need to get a PHP server. There are several ways to do this. Installing different packages are really painful. There is an all in one installer called XAMPP which allows you to run Apache, PHP, MySQL together.


Greedy algorithms

What is Greedy algorithm ?

Greedy algorithms always find for optimal solution of a problem by following greedy approach. This solution may require minimum or maximum result. There will be some feasible solutions for the problem and this algorithm will find the optimal one.


Fast Coding HTML , CSS with Emmet

Emmet is very popular tool for writing HTML, CSS code rapidly. This can greatly improve your workflow. Emmet can be used in all popular text editors like Visual Studio Code, Brackets, Notepad++ , Sublime Text , Atom etc. Visual Studio Code comes with built in Emmet support. I recommend using Visual Studio Code to follow this post. Any code editor with Emmet installed is also good to go. In this post I’ll discuss about using Emmet efficiently.


How to install CodeBlocks for C/C++

CodeBlocks is a very popular IDE for C/C++ which runs on Windows , Mac and Linux platforms. It’s free and open source. Installation prodedure for CodeBlocks is very easy . Let’s see the installation process.


PHP 00: Introduction to PHP

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a popular programming language. This language is used to create dynamic websites that interacts with databases. This will be a long series of post to guide the beginners to help in the learning process of PHP.


WooCommerce Hints for Brackets extension released

Today I have released an extension for one of my favorite code editor Brackets. I frequently work with WordPress and WooCommerce. An extension was available for getting WordPress related function hints but I was feeling