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Test sending emails with PapercutSMTP in PHP using XAMPP

Sending email with PHP is very easy. We can create a local SMTP server to test it. There are many apps available for that. But In this article we are going to use PapercutSMTP.


How to prevent SQL injection

A SQL injection attack consists of insertion or “injection” of a SQL query via the input data from the client to the application i.e web browser. A successful SQL injection exploit can read sensitive data from the da


Test sending emails in PHP with XAMPP and MailHog

Sending mail with PHP is easy. We can test it with a local SMTP server. MailHog is very useful for this purpose.


MailHog is program that creates a local SMTP mail sever for testing purposes. Let’s see how to configure MailHog.


PHP 05: PHP comments

Comments are the part of the PHP code , that is not executed. It’s a note note to the person who is reading the code.


PHP 04: PHP Tags

PHP codes must be enclosed by PHP tags. When PHP parser pareses a file , it looks for opening and closing PHP tags. It tells the parser when to start interpreting and when to stop. Reason for parsing in this manner is allowing to embed in different types of documents like HTML.